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You are responsible for paying more than just your mortgage payment, including property tax, homeowner’s insurance, homeowner association fees, utilities and other expenses.

You must pay for repairs and maintenance, as well as renovations, of your home and property.

If you cannot pay your mortgage, your home may be subject to foreclosure.


You have an asset that you own.

Your property builds equity over time, giving you a valuable wealth building tool that you can use to buy a larger home, finance your business or perhaps fund your child’s education or even your own retirement.

It provides security. You have a home of your own where you and your family can live and grow together.

There are tax advantages (consult a tax advisor for potential benefits).

Your monthly mortgage payments will not change if you choose a fixed-rate mortgage.

You have a recognized voice in civic affairs, allowing you to help build a strong sense of community.

You have the freedom to choose the décor of your home.

You have the freedom to follow religious and cultural customs that are important to you and your family.



Your rent payments do not build equity for you—your money goes to your landlord.

You cannot freely make improvements, such as upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, to your home or dwelling.

There may be restrictions regarding pets.

There may be restrictions regarding how you can decorate your home.

You do not have control over whether rent will increase.

Your landlord could ask you to move because he or she has made other decisions regarding the property (wants to sell or change use).


Someone else handles the repairs and maintenance.

The landlord pays the property insurance, taxes and certain utilities.

You can move when you want without having to sell the home.

There are pros and cons to renting or buying a property. I am here to provide you with information so you can decide which option is best for you financially and for your lifestyle. Many people assume they cannot afford a mortgage note or could not qualify for one, however, I find that many times people are paying more in rent than they would a house note for a comparable property. There are many types of loans available that can accommodate different financial situations. For those that are not in a financial position to buy yet, I am happy to provide guidance on how you can better prepare and qualify for a home loan in the future. Below is a list of some pros and cons to renting or buying a property. For more information, call me at 225-229-0451 or email With my experience in the Baton Rouge area, I can help you find the perfect home to lease or purchase.

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