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10 important questions to ask your home inspector

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One of the many steps in a real estate purchase is to have a home inspection on your future home. A licensed home inspector will have the experience and training to provide information that will assist the buyer in making an informed decision. Problems that the seller or the Realtor® may not be aware of become the financial responsibility of the buyer if they are not corrected prior to the final sale of the house. During a home inspection, the home inspector will concentrate on the condition and structure of your home and point out observed safety concerns. The home inspection is a visual inspection of the house – home inspectors do not do any invasive testing, nor can they inspect what they cannot see. The inspector prepares and delivers to the client a written report of findings. The buyer should plan to be present for the inspection. I have a great deal of experience working with inspectors in the Baton Rouge area and can help you navigate this step of the home buying process.

What to Expect from a Licensed Home Inspection?

Exterior Home Site
Building Foundation
Exterior Home Walls
Roof Coverings, Flashings & Gutters
Roof Support Structure
Insulation Quality
Visible Interior and Exterior Plumbing
Central Air and Heating System
Interior Condition of the Home

The inspection report should clearly identify the components and systems of the property observed by the inspector. Many inspectors will include photos and these reports can be up to 50 pages of information. They will often recommend if further inspection of a system is necessary by a licensed professional in that area. A home inspection is not technically exhaustive and does not imply that every defect will be discovered. Some inspection companies offer limited warranties to protect clients from unexpected mechanical and structural failures; otherwise, inspectors are not responsible for future failures.

What NOT to Expect from a Licensed Home Inspection?

A home inspection is not a code compliance inspection and a home inspector will not inspect inaccessible areas of the home. There are certain aspects to your home that home inspectors are not required to inspect and some inspections that the average home inspector is not allowed to perform due to specific license requirements. Here are some of the things you will not find on your basic inspection report, however, there are more comprehensive inspection reports for additional fees.

Hot tubs and swimming pools
Central vacuum systems
Lawn sprinkler systems
Fire and smoke detection and suppression systems
Alarm/intrusion detection systems
Television antenna or satellite dishes
Detached structures like a garage or shed
Well systems
Code compliance
Environmental hazard report like radon, asbestos or lead
Termite and pest report

How Much Do They Cost?

Costs vary depending on the region, size and age of the house, scope of services and other factors. A typical range might be $300-$500.

Read the Pre Inspection Agreement.

Obtain a copy of the pre-inspection contract before the inspection takes place. Read and understand the document before the inspector starts the investigation. Ask the inspector to clarify anything you do not understand. The agreement should contain the scope of the inspection services the person intends to perform as well as the cost of the services.

If you have further questions, contact me at 225-229-0451 or I personally recommend to my clients Advantage Services Home Inspection.

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